Thursday, 9 January 2014

10 Weird Home Remedies that are Effective

Home Remedies are natural and effective that have no side effects. Many often go for various chemical products to treat several health problems, but its not good for health. Whereas Home remedies are simple and the ingredients are easily available at home. Ingredients like lemon, ginger, sugar,olive oil are used to treat several health,hair,skin problems.

Here we list some home remedies that works well.

1. Vodka : If you have smelly feet, then vodka is the best solution, just wash the feet with vodka or soak the cloth in vodka and then wipe your feet.

2. Tennis Ball : Treat your foot pain with tennis ball by foot massage, but be careful when you land up on this ball to avoid accidents.

3. Listerine : Use this as a mouthwash to treat blusters and also it is very effective for toenail fungus and dandruff. Just add few drops of Listerine in water and wash your hair to treat dandruff. For toenail fungus also just add few drops of Listerine in water and soak your toenail in the that.

4. Sugar : Swallow tea spoon of sugar helps you to treat hiccups.This will surely work.

5. Headache Balm : Headache balm helps you to relief from bad cold . Apply the headache balm to open the blocked nose instantly

6. Pencil : Many people have the habit of chewing pencil stick. If you are feeling stress then its a good one to get relief . This is one the weird remedy that treats rising health problems.

7. Cushions : Do some simple cushion exercise helps you to relief from back pain. This is one of the weirdest  and effective home remedy to treat back pain naturally.

8. Mint Leaves : Mint Leaves can be known well as a mouth freshener, apart from that it also can be used to boost the body metabolism. So try to chew mint leaves.

9. Yogurt : Yogurt has probiotics which helps to reduce the mouth odour. so have yogurt to treat mouth odour.

10. Vegetable Oil : This is the best home remedy to treat fragile finger nails and dry feet. Just massage your hands and feet with vegetable oil to get moisturized and also it prevents brittle nails.