Friday, 17 January 2014

Caffeine Can Prolong Your Pregnancy!

Caffeine Can Prolong Your Pregnancy?!

Expectant mothers who drink several cups of coffee a day are at risk of giving birth to malnourished baby, according to a survey.

Pregnant women who drink several cups of coffee a day gave birth to smaller babies, according to the same study. Coffee can also cause that pregnancy lasts longer, but only a few hours. These statements come after research that thoroughly examined nearly 60,000 pregnancies over a period of ten years in Norway.
Researchers followed what and how many pregnant women eat and drink, and whether these foods contain caffeine. Comparing this with the development of their baby, it was discovered that there is a clear link between caffeine and weight of the baby.
Was also confirmed that drinking a cup of instant coffee every morning is extending the pregnancy (the baby stays in the womb longer) up to eight hours. Unlike some previous studies, this one did not found any links between caffeine and premature births, published in the journal BMC Medicine.
Do you drink a lot of coffee during pregnancy?! Share with us your experience…

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