Monday, 20 January 2014

Six Weird Things Men Like In Women

Six Weird Things Men Like In Women

Sometimes daring to be a little different can really help you out. Being like everyone else never pays out in a great way. Men like women who are different, so much so that many a times, the weird things that you do, can attract them majorly. The likes and dislikes of the two sexes differ in approach. So, here are some of the weird and surprising things that attracts men in women.

1. Do not be dolled up always!
It is true that men like beautiful women. However, it really turns a man on when a woman dares to be herself and walk out clear in the light in her own real skin. Once in a while, take all that makeup off and walk to your man like you really are. He will not only be turned-on by it, but will also appreciate you more!

2. Be his visual delight
Common is boring. Being different always attracts the eye. For the married, while in your bedroom, do something that is different from the usual stuff; something different from what your husband is really expecting of you. Try walking into your room wearing one of his shirts and without anything underneath. He will be turned on with the first look itself. Try different types of lingerie. Wear a corset at times. Go for something more classy like garters or fishnet stalkings. Also, try wearing lingerie that does not match. It is a recent fashion trend much appreciated my men.

3. Do not always be dominated!
Well, men like to dominate and that is true, of course! However, they appreciate it, if you turn the table occasionally. While in bed, make the first step. Do not always be subjugated by your man. Sometimes, take the command in your hand and rule him. He will appreciate your confidence.

4. Men like curves
In the run to be skinny, women have almost forgotten the charm that lies in being curvy. However, men have not! To them, the idea of a skinny woman is daunting rather than sexy. So, ladies, work up on your curves and charm your man.

5. Confidence and wit is a great turn on!
A confident and intelligent woman is a great turn-on for any kind of man. Do not hesitate to show your confidence or your wit. When he makes a joke, laugh at it, and with your wits, make it funnier. Provide him with a repartee when he is least expecting. Make yourself irresistible by looking at his eyes and putting across your point. Ooze out confidence and your man will shower you with his love and appreciation.

6. Bedroom Diva!
Now this one is a major turn-on for any guy. For the married, after getting intimate dare to walk in your bedroom unclad and not with a whole sheet draped on your body. This will literally melt your man! Also, sometimes, talk dirty and show your sensual openness. Do not think about your looks all the time, a man likes your out-of-the-bed hair or smudged kohl eyes much more than the prim and proper you! Stay casual and he will be more comfortable in your company.

Remember girls, men are visual creatures. So, show your sensuality and express your wildest fantasies because that is what men like.