Thursday, 9 January 2014


                                                Home Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly

Home exercises for loosing tummy,they are very useful for every individual because in there daily life run they might be very busy and can not give there time for going to GYMS,YOGA classes and any other sources. so,these are some of the home exercises for loosing your weight and make yourself fit very quickly. the following are  TOP 10 HOME EXERCISES.

1.Take an yoga ball, it is very useful for reducing your tummy fat and fat in your hips by doing some stretch exercises and abs exercises.

2. Do abs and make your self fit with burning your fat in tummy. they are different abs exercises they are to be done your self easily in your house,this require a yoga mat which helps to keep yourself comfort and does't make u feel painful,in- fact to be softer.

3.Use couch for building your abs ,there are different types of exercises using couch which is very easy for home exercise. it is useful and simply can be done in your house itself and make you fit at home itself. in-fact it is an easy and very good process for acquiring fit body (or) fat burning.

4.use skipping rope for stretching exercises,stretch yourself and lose the fat. easy way is skipping in your own living room.stretching exercises are can be done in your house itself,it is an easy way for every individual who are busy with there works in there life-race.

5. lose weight in your home ,run on your own steps,walk on them and lose your wait. steps exercise is one of the main home exercise which helps you burn your fat(thighs,legs,stomach etc).

6.sit-ups are one of them(home exercises) which are very useful to burn fat.This is the very easy and simple home exercise to lose your fat in thighs and buttocks.

7.stretch your body in a way that,
-stretch yourself side ways,back and front
they are very good home exercises.These are some of the exercises to burn fat in your hips and make you look fit.

8.A straight and fit exercises are pull-ups and push-ups(dips).they make your body fit and loose your wait even if your fat make u worried.

9.take a yoga ball make yourself lean down on the chair with the support of hands and place your both the legs on the ball and stretch or crunch yourself for burning fat in your tummy.crunches are different types for increasing abs muscles or reducing fat in ab section.

10.make your legs alternately up and down ,make your self jump and try to touch your chest with your knees.make your legs bend side-words alternately(left and right) they help in loosing your fat on hips and stomach.

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