Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Benefits of Eating Olives

Benefits of Eating Olives

Who does not know about olives? They are used widely in the pizzas, the sandwiches and salads. The best part of consuming olives is that it brings a lot of benefits while it enters our body. However it is always advisable to have olives in moderation. Olives control your blood pressure, stimulates the digestive system, eliminates the cholesterol present in the blood, has rich fiber content which is rich in vitamin E. what is more it also helps to get rid of the many chronic illnesses.

So the following are the health benefits of eating olives in the right proportion:

1. Improves your memory

Olives have polyphenols present in them which are organic chemicals that are responsible to reduce the stress that takes place in the brain. Having olives on a daily basis also helps you increase your memory up to a potential of 25% according to a research.

2. Promotes maximum power and energy

A cup of olives have a 4.4 mg of iron in them. Besides having olives will also convert fat into energy efficiently. Iron is required for the body to help supply maximum oxygen to the hemoglobin. Lack of iron affects the hemoglobin.

3. Reduces the wrinkles on your face

Having olives also improves your appearance, which means that they will diminish the appearance of wrinkles on the face by 20%. The oleic acid contained in the olives is responsible for this function. This further helps the skin keep itself soft and healthy. The vitamin E that is present in the olives is also an excellent antioxidant that helps keep the skin healthy and glowing.

4. Helps control your appetite

Having olives helps you control your appetite by 22%. So have at least 10 olives before meals if you wish to control your appetite. This is because the mono acids that are present in the olives are responsible for slow digestion. Olives also stimulate the production of adiponectin which is a chemical that helps you burn fat for 5 hours after ingestion.

5. Promotes hair health

Not only is olive good for your skin, but it is also good for your hair due to its iron content. Olives produce hydrates of fatty acids that will protect your hair from hair loss.

Thus, consuming olives will help you in the best possible way to provide you with maximum health benefits. Not only are they delicious but also nutritional! Enjoy your serving of olives in moderation!