Tuesday, 21 January 2014

8 Worst Hair and Skincare Mistakes That Will Shock You

Washing face with hot water: 

                                                                Washing face with torrid water can cause severe  damage to blood vessels.Suggested that lukewarm water is good to wash your face without any damage to blood vessels.

                             Exfoliation is good for skin it removes dead cells from the skin and it is better to do twice in a week.Over exfoliation may cause damage to skin.If you have a dry or sensitive skin, better to exfoliate your face once in 10 days.

Sleeping in your  makeup:
                                                               sleeping in your makeup is one of the worst thing you can do to your skin.It can blocks the pores and your skin can't breathe up which leads to acne and also cause premature ageing.

leaving oil in your hair:
                                                        Most of the ladies leave the oil in hair for long time.It is not good for scalp it clogs the pores and absorb dirt and leads to hair fall.It is better to do massage and leave it for an hour and wash it out to keep the hair in good condition.

Not moisturising:
                                         Most of the people thought applying moisturiser on face will increase the acne.But this is not true,use oil free moisturiser for those who have acne.

Lack of sleep:
                       Enough sleeps makes your skin fresh and young.So it is better to avoid late night sleeps if you have any function or college next day.You should sleep atleast 7-8 hours in a day.


               Smoking causes so many health problems such as damage to your lungs,heart,cancer and general health.It is one of the easiest way to age your skin very quickly.It can darken the skin around the eyes and bags under the eyes,darken your lips,increases the chance of getting psoriasis etc..so please quit smoking it causes severe damage to the body organs and skin.

Tight ponytail:
                                    You  believe it or not but it is true tightening your hair by wearing a too tight ponytail
leads to hair fall.