Monday, 20 January 2014


Most bacteria and viral infections are contracted through the use of infested toilet. In public places, it is common for visitors to share toilets. This is one of the common means of catching an infection. Without knowing it, we have been laying emphases on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) over the possibility of contracting these diseases from the toilet.

Toilet Infection or Toilet Disease is an infection that can be contracted from the toilet. Someone who used a toilet seat that was used by an infested person, he can contract the virus deposited on the seat of the toilet without knowing it.

SOME women are so conscious of their personal hygiene that they often wonder who was sitting on a seat before they were, and whether or not that person left some kind of bacteria behind. While sitting on a regular seat - may not pose a threat of picking up or leaving infection-causing bacteria, sitting on a toilet seat might.
There is no way to know how frequently such infections are spread by toilet seats, so while we will not suggest that you desist from using public toilets or share toilets with others, you need to know how to safeguard yourself against toilet infections. always ensure that you wipe the seat before actually sitting down.

There are many types of known toilet disease . Common amongst them are:
1. Trichhomoniasis;
2. Gardnerella;
3. Streptococcus;

How to safe-guard yourself against toilet infections

One of the most potent methods that can be used to prevent toilet infections is the use of saliva. Yes! saliva. Saliva contains some enzymes. Enzyme is an organic chemical substance formed in living cells that assist in chemical changes and Digestions.

It is very effective in killing bacteria and virus, when used as a cleaning agent on a toilet seat.Toilet wipes or papers that are made wet with saliva and used to clean toilet seats prevent the transmission of bacteria and virus by a similar process to digestion.
For over 20 years, this method of prevention has been what I have been using to protect myself anytime I am not sure of the safety of a public toilet.

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