Monday, 20 January 2014

How to Take Care of Your Eyes While Using PC or Laptop

Wise say, "Eyes are the windows to the Nature". The advent of TV and computer has opened new windows of opportunities but also done irreversible damage to windows of our soul-Our Eyes. The trend of using PC and Laptop has moved upwards and so have numerous eye related issues. Eye specialists advise professionals to use computers or laptop with caution and precautions. Millions of dollars may be at stake at your desk, but sweat won't bring you back the eyes damaged because of such a rigorous screen routine. If you manage to stick to certain precautions while using Laptops, you may just manage to keep that eye safe before age related issues catch up.  It would be prudent to advocate that taking care of your eyes while using Laptop or PC is as much a lifestyle statement as much as a medical advice, if not more...

So here are a few tips to help you when you are faced with your computer.

1. Do you blink?

Sometimes, computer users do not blink while looking at their computer or laptops. Yes, I understand that there is something very interesting and it is something that is very important to resist. But it is very important to blink at least once in a while when you are in face with the computer so that it does not strain your eyes.

2. Clean your screen

This is one effective way to reduce the glare on your screen. Since the computer is one of the most brightly glowing objects in your room, it is important to clean it at regular intervals. Grey backgrounds go very easy on your eyes but white ones do not.

3. Sitting at arm’s length from your computer

This technique will also lesson the amount of pain that you endure while sitting. When you are on your computer you may have a back or a neck pain. By maintaining a proper sitting posture you can easily avoid causing strain not only for your eyes but also your body.

4. Pair of glasses

Remember to use glasses that are meant for computer use. If you buy these glasses, they will protect you very well from the light emitted from the laptops or your computer.

5. Hot water fomentation

This method is a very effective technique as far as taking care of your eyes is concerned. All you need to do is dab cotton that is dipped in hot water and keep it in your eyes for a while. This helps relieve the tension.
In the end, eyes are the mirrors of your soul therefore it is very important to protect them and take the necessary precautions.