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Top 15 Reasons why Running is Good for your Health

                                     Top 15 Reasons why Running is Good for your Health

Is lack of physical activity putting your health at a risk? Do you intend to try something new to keep yourself physically fit? Or you have already tried running but the motivation seems to sleep again? OK! Then don’t give up so soon, give running a last chance.
Here we will tell you some benefits of running that will help you keep your motivation awake. Although every individual has his own physical needs for exercise according to his age and body size, but it is suggested that a 30 minutes jog, 5 times a week is enough to keep you fit.

Now let’s get started with the benefits of running, which we can bet would make you hit the road.

1. Run for your Life!
Running would benefit your health and would enable you to live a long life. The University of British Columbia proves this fact, as a reduction in premature death was observed by 20 to 50% in individuals who ran two miles per day. So try to run this far (2 miles per day) to save your life.

2. Improves Cardiac Health
Even a moderate running routine can benefit in maintaining your heart health by decreasing LDL (bad cholesterol) and increasing HDL (good cholesterol). It helps to lower blood pressure and improves cardiac functioning.

We also have good news for those who have already developed cardiovascular disease. The researches prove that running 16 miles per week halts the advancement of heart disease. Whereas, running 22 miles in a week can reverse the effects of developed cardiovascular disease.

3. Effective Weight loss Remedy
What else could be a better way to burn all those fats other than running? The formula of running is quiet simple:

Running 10 miles = Lose 1000 calories

Choose running for losing weight rather than choosing other vigorous exercises. Not only you can lose weight by running but if you have met your target weight you can maintain it by following the above mentioned formula.
But still it does not mean that if you are running you have got the license to eat as much as you want, and whatever you want. A balanced diet along with running will give you significant results.

4. Improves Bone Health
Running can develop resistance in the bones thus making them strong. Researches show that running is more effective in maintaining bone health than aerobic exercises. A comparison between runners and cyclists was observed by the researchers at the University of Missouri, 63% of the cyclists had low density in the spine and hip bone as compared to 19% of runners.

5. Helps to be more focused
Running is very helpful in enhancing mental abilities. Studies conducted on British workers proved that on days when they worked out they could concentrate better, they made fewer mistakes and they worked more productively as compared to the days when they didn’t work out.

6. Helps to improve Reproductive health
Researches prove that running also helps to maintain a healthy reproductive system, especially in males. The risk of erectile dysfunction can be reduced to 83% in men, who run for at least 5 hours in a week.

7. Running as an Immunity Booster
Running is also known to boost immunity. People who run for at least an hour per day are 18% less likely to develop infections of the upper respiratory tract, as compared to people who are inactive. This study was conducted in Sweden.

8. Running as a sleeping pill for Insomniacs
People suffering from Insomnia should stop taking sleeping pills and try running as a treatment to get that precious sleep. Researches conducted on Insomniacs proved that on the day when they ran, they were able to sleep within 17 minutes compared to the regular days without running, which took them 38 minutes to sleep. Also on the days when they ran they slept for an extra hour.
9. Running kills Cancer
Running has also been found effective in prevention against various types of cancer. High level of physical activity like running reduces the risk of developing colon cancer up to 30-40% in both men and women; also it reduces the risk of breast cancer in women for up to 20-30%. Women who are already suffering from breast cancer can also benefit from running as it reduces its recurrence by 26-40%.

10. Cure for Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes is curable by running about 5 miles per week, not just it cures diabetes it also stops it from occurring in the first place. Also inactive diabetic patients have 1.7 times more chances to die prematurely than active runners.

11. Reduces Stress
Running is known as a stress reliever. Running keeps your mind fresh and helps you with positive thinking thus enabling you to get rid of stress.

12. Helps maintain balance of the body
When you are running on a track or road you encounter many hurdles such as stones, dog, curbs, branches and other objects. All these hindrances such as changes in speed and direction help you with maintaining the balance of your body.

13. Running as a remedy for a Hangover
To get rid of a hangover try running instead of lying down, holding your head. Running would help revitalize your body and make you get rid of that lethargic feeling.

14. Enhances your posture
Running would not just make you lose those extra pounds but would also put your body in perfect shape. It tones up the body, develops your waist line and helps you keep a high head.

15. Improves Vision
It has been proven by many researches that running improves vision. Studies reveal that 54% people are less likely to suffer from Macular degeneration who run for more than 35 miles a week.

Tips for the beginners
Here are also some tips for the beginners who are just getting started with running:
Always choose comfortable shoes
Please ensure that your body is sufficiently hydrated
Before running at least take a 5 minute warm-up session
While running inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth

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